www.iloubnan.info (www.iloubnan.info), Information portal in French and English – Beirut
Created in 2007, iloubnan.info is positioned as the first neutral Lebanese news portal. It is intended to be a trendsetter in delivering news for the Lebanese people and its expatriates, as well as for all who are interested in Lebanon. The website features in-depth articles and live news.

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• write articles and special reports for the following sections: Culture, World News, Society, Fashion
• set-up and manage media monitoring from Switzerland and France

“Since the website’s launch in 2007, Zahi Haddad has written interviews and reports on a broad range of subjects, such as international news, culture, society and fashion. His articles breaths humanity, yet remains respectful of journalistic rules and for iloubnan.info users, they are both a useful source of information and a pleasure to read.
Whether it be about artists and designers, social phenomena or Swiss-led initiatives concerning the Middle East, Zahi Haddad has been our correspondent from the very beginning in Switzerland and the nearby French-speaking regions. He delivers a continuous, accurate and thorough monitoring of all local news related to the Lebanese diaspora.” - Elodie Morel-Lebbos, Editor-in-chief



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Liban +961-71 601 949

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