Zahi Haddad has a unique professional career, spanning Europe and the Middle East. He is multidisciplinary and holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from Columbia University, as well as degrees in European Studies and Political Science from the University of Geneva. Zahi combines his writing, organizational and social skills under the brand name of “le Z Link”.

Zahi started his career in the press and continued on to work in an international environment. He first joined the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and after the World Bank Office in Geneva. He then joined the Office of External Relations of the City of Geneva. As Deputy Chief of External Relations, Zahi was instrumental in developing its external relations policy. In this office, he was also in charge of promoting the city with Swiss and other municipalities around the world, most especially in the context of cooperation projects that focus on decentralization.

All through these years, Zahi applied his competencies in the writing of research papers, reports, speeches, press releases, articles and other information materials. Along the way, he expanded his events organizing skills by coordinating international conferences (human rights, peace), exhibitions, official receptions for high-level guests and other events. In so doing, he participated in the elaboration of the city’s protocol service by welcoming VIP guests such as Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev, the King of Sweden, Bertrand Delanoë, Micheline Calmy-Rey and various Heads of State and Government, ministers and local officials.

Zahi takes very seriously his activities as a volunteer. In particular, he was Chief Editor of Entreprendre, a bi-monthly magazine, during which he met Geneva’s decision-makers. He has also co-founded and participated in a number of non-profit associations, and regularly organizes cultural events that encourage interface and mutual understanding.



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